The Effect Of Fresh Crushed Garlic Bulbs (Allium Sativum)On Plasma Cholesterol And Triglycerides In Cholesterol Fed Rats

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Mohamed, Maha
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The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of fresh crushed garlic bulbs on plasma total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoprotein (LDL), high density lipoprotein (HDL) and triglycerides (TG) levels in an induced hypercholesterolemic Wistar albino rats. Twenty male Wistar albino rats were used in this study. They were allotted to four groups A, B, C and D. Group A ( control group) received a basal diet, group B received a basaldiet with 2% cholesterol, group C received a basal diet with 2% cholesterol and 4% garlic, group D received a basal diet with 2% cholesterol and 8% garlic. The results showed that, plasma TC, LDL-cholesterol and TG levels were increased significantly (P< 0.05) in group B compared to the control group, while HDL-cholesterol level was decreased significantly. In group C, the plasma levels of TC and LDL-cholesterol were decreased significantly (P< 0.05), however, HDL-cholesterol was increased compared to group B, but no significant difference in the level of TG was observed compared togroup B. However group C showed significantly (P< 0.05) higher levels of TC and TG and non- significant difference in LDL-cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol levels compared to the control group. The plasma levels of TC, LDL-cholesterol and TG in group D were decreased significantly (P< 0.05) compared to group B, while HDLcholesterol was increased. The levels of TC, LDL-cholesterol, HDLcholesterol and TG in group D were nonsignificantly different compared to the control group
Garlic Bulbs,Plasma Cholesterol,Fed Rats