Occurance of Enterobacteriaceae in Sudanese White Cheese in Restaurants of Khartoum State (Sudan)

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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In the present survey a total of thirty one Enterobacteriaceae were found in twenty samples (66.7%) out of thirty samples of Sudanese white cheese. The total isolated Enterobacteriaceae include Citrobacterfreundit (14, 46.7%), E. colt (6, 20%), Enterobacter aerogenes (2, 6.6%), Pseudomonas aeniginosa (1, 3%), P. mirabilis (5, 16.7%) and Sallmonella ssp. (3, 10%). The restaurants located at Khartoum North revealed 4 (44.4%), 1 (11.11%), 1 (11.11%) and 2 (22.2%) isolate of C. freundit, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and P. mirabilis, respectively. Similarly the isolates from restaurants located in Khartoum were 5 (55.5%) isolates of C. freundii, 3 (33.3%) isolates of E. coli, 2 (22.22%) isolates ofEnterobacter aerogenes, 1 (11.11%) isolate ofP. mirabilis and 2 (22.2%) isolates of Salmonella paraohi. The restaurants located in Omdurman revealed 5 (41.7%) isolates of C. fi-eundii, 2 (16.7%) isolates of E. coli, 2 (16.7%) isolates of P. mirabilis and 1 (8.3%) isolate of Salmonella typhi. The mean, minimum and maximum counts of Enterobacteriaceae were found to be 2x104±3.1x104, 0 and 8x104., 2.6x104±1.8x104, 0 and 5x104 and 1.33x104±1.96x104, 0 and 6.0x104, respectively, for the cheese samples collected from restaurants of Khartoum North, Khartoum and Omdurman. The total bacterial counts were found to be higher in samples with higher count of Enterobacteriaceae and this was mainly noticed in restaurants at Khartoum, which revealed 5.6x108±3.7x108, 2 x107 and 9 x 108, respectively. However the bacterial count were found to be 2.9 x108±2.4x108, 2x107 and 6x108 and 2.7x108±2.1x108, 2x107 and 7x108in Khartoum north and Omdurman restaurants, respectively. There was a significant difference (p<0.05) for the total bacterial count between Khartoum and the other studied locations, as the the samples collected from Khartoum revealed the higher counts compared to other two areas. However non significant variation were recorded for Enterobacteriaceae counts.
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Enterobacteriaceae, Sudanese white cheese, restaurants, Khartoum State, Sudan