Assessment Of Concrete Admixtures Used In Khartoum State

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Taher, Muaz Abu Baker Abu Baker
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University of Khartoum
There exists a large increase in the use of concrete admixtures especially the increasing use of ready-mixed concrete due to the growth in the construction industry in Khartoum State in the last few years. The aim of this study is to evaluate the concrete admixtures used in Khartoum state regarding their effects on the properties of fresh concrete (workability) and hardened concrete (strength). To achieve this purpose, the main constituent materials of concrete mixes (cement, aggregates, and water) were brought from different sources around Khartoum state, and preliminary tests had been carried out to make sure that the materials conform to the standards and specification, and to select the appropriate dose of the admixtures (depending on the recommended dose). A testing program was prepared including four concrete mixes: the ordinary reference mix without admixture, and other three mixes with different types and doses of concrete admixtures. Results of preliminary tests on the constituent materials of concrete have shown that they conform to the specifications and standards required for use in structural concrete. Results of tests conducted on fresh and hardened concrete have shown that the benefits of using concrete admixtures in the environment of hot weather of the Khartoum State during most of the year, the improvement of the properties of fresh and hardened
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Concrete Admixtures Used , Khartoum State;Mix Design ; Experimental Program;raw materials tests;