Fire Safety in Petroleum Service Stations, in Wad Medani-Gezira State

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Mustafa, Adil Mohammed Hassan
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The objectives of this study is to investigate the fire safety situation in regional petroleum service stations and to determine the shortcomings existing in their protection system, find out the reasons that could lead to the occurrence of fires accident and the required work to find appropriate ways to address them. Standard specifications which should be available at petroleum service stations were furnished by Nile Petroleum Company and have been applied in Gezira State, Wad Medani petroleum service stations. The study was conducted in August 2009, samples were taken during the period between 08.08 to 22.08. As a result of the study, some of the norms followed were found compatible with standard specifications, but on the other hand it was found that some service stations did not conform to the standards in such aspects like floor leveling, training of workers and the presence of safety signs (cautions and instructions) required, which may lead to safety violation and eventually the occurrence of fire accidents. The recommendations of the study include, among others, the non-granting of work permits for petroleum service stations, unless it meets all the standard specifications required. In addition to the necessity of periodic follow-up to make sure the implementation of these specifications.
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