The Impact of Productive Family Projects on Increasing Women Income (The Case Study of Back Yard Poultry Industry in Khartoum State)

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Khairy, Amani Hamad Hussein
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This study evaluates the impact of rural development programs on women in Khartoum State taking productive family (poultry production project) as a case study It is argued that despite the important contribution of women in economic and social spects, they do not receive enough attention and have no access to means of production. This study examined the respective roles of a number of public and private financial institutions in increasing the income and improving the standard of living of the targeted families. This study used primary data based on a survey and a questionnaire in addition to personal interviews. Moreover it was supported by secondary data including official reports, documents, journal articles from different government, semi-government and private productive and financial institutions. The field survey included a random sample of 50 females from Soba and Geraif areas. Descriptive statistics and budget analysis were used to analyze the data. The statistical analysis of the socio-economic characteristics of the respondent families revealed that the women were homogeneous in all aspects, and the majority of them were within the productive age group. The budget analysis revealed that feed cost was the main cost item in poultry production, as it constituted about 57% and 48% of the total cost of egg and broiler production respectively. The credit cost was found to rank second indicating the important role that could be played by the financing institution in poultry production if they could reduce this cost. The study reveled that broiler production gave high returns in a short time, but was more demanding in terms of supervision and management. To ensure a continuous success of the productive family projects, the study recommends that the financing institutions should exert more effort to provide enough credit to women, coupled with provision of extension services and inputs, particularity poultry feed at low price. In addition, supply of storage facilities and provision of marketing services are deemed necessary for promotion of this Back yard poultry industry
Agriculure Economics,Women, Income,Yard Poultry