Status Of Agricultural Mechanization In Alrahad, New Halfa And Gezera Schemes

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Osman, Mwahib Elseid Mohmmed Ahmed
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The objectives of this thesis are to assess and study the status of the agricultural mechanization in ALrahad, NewHalafa and Gezira schemes. A field survey was conducted in July /2009 using stratified random sampling design. 399 Farmers, agricultural engineers, operators and technicians were interviewed. The data was coded and statistically analyzed using SSPS cross tabulation. The descriptive analysis showed that, in the farmer's community, percentage of illiteracy, in the three schemes, was relatively low (12.0 %).51.2 % completed khalwa and elementary education, while 30.4% completed secondary education and 6.4 % followed university Education. (37.3%) of machine operators had experience of more than 6 years As regards training, the analysis showed for the different categories in the three National Projects a complete absence of organized technical training. 76% of farmers 78.6% of operators and 52%of technicians did not receive any on-job training. The study showed great variation in adoption of recommended technical package for the different crops in the three National schemes in all operations and there is a big gab between recommended and current practices and methods. The analysis of mechanization situation for different crops in the three schemes showed that 75% of planting and 80% of harvesting operations mainly performed manual or semi mechanized.