Contamination Of Street Vended Food With Member Of Genus Shigella At Elshabi Market

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Abd Allah, Nabeiha
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University of Khartoum
This study was done to determine the probability of incidence of Shigellosis among Food Vendors in Khartoum state at Elshabia Market. A total of (50) Samples of food were collected from Vendors and Street Kiosks, (30) Minced meat ,10 Vegetables salad and 10 Sweets. The collected samples were examined bacteriologically to detect presence of Shigella species that had a direct correlation with the food handling as their presence indicates fecal bacteria contamination. The Shigella species were not detected in the whole Sample , on the other hand , total Coli form bacteria present in all samples. This presence is classified by colonial morphology on MacConkey agar such as , Pseudomonas, Proteus mirabilis , Esherichia coli and other mixed growth of Coli form bacteria most of which are lactose fermenter. Other identification by conducted of biochemical reaction such as Cedecea davisae , Enterobacter cloacae and Serratia marcescers. Findings of this study are of value performing better Health and Food Hygiene practices in Sudan.
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Street Vended Food,Elshabi Market,Khartoum.Food Hygiene Contamination Of Food ;Street Vended Food And Food Handlers Shigellosis ;Definition