Hand Pumps Problems in Maintenance & Management and Operation

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Sabeel, Yasir Ismail Adam
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The study focused on maintenance & management problems of the hand pumps utilized in Sudan for provision of safe drinking water to the rural communities. The performance of different types of pumps were studied including India MarkII, Afridev and the locally produced handpump Atbara Type. This study suggests many solutions to hand pumps problems that affect performance and serviceability of the pumps, like pump design, maintenance and management. The research addressed the management issues related to the rural communities' subscription in the management of the yard (hand pumps), maintenance water point and collection of water tariffs. Also this study suggested specific mechanisms for collecting water tariff from beneficiaries and how to distribute it to meet may thing issuses like spare parts, maintenance fees and labour incentive . The research gives brief concept of establishing repair parts cell centre inside any communities, beside training for the villagers to assist in increase of the skill handpump mechanics. The draw down of water table in some borehole damaged inner parts of pump. Brief suggestion to minimize the draw down phenomenon was given. All these above suggestion is solution to many hand pumps problems and it can assist in sustainability of water point serviceabilty for long time.
Pumps Problems ,Maintenance, Management ,Operation