Evaluating the Robustness of Models Developed from Field Spectral Data in Predicting African Grass Foliar Nitrogen Concentration Using Worldview-2 Image as an Independent Test Dataset

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Abdel-Rahman, Elfatih
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In this paper, we evaluate the extent to which the resampled field spectra compare with the actual image spectra of the new generation multispectral WorldView- 2 (WV-2) satellite. This was achieved by developing models from resampled field spectra data and testing them on an actual WV-2 image of the study area. We evaluated the performance of Reflectance Ratios (RI), Normalized Difference Indices (NDI) and Random forest (RF) regression model in predicting foliar nitrogen concentration in a grassland environment. The field measured spectra were used to calibrate the RF model using a randomly selected training (n= 70%) nitrogen data set. The model developed from the field spectra resampled to WV-2 wavebands was validated on an independent field spectral test dataset as well as on the actual WV-2 image of the same area (n = 30%, bootstrapped a 100 times). The results show that the developed model using RI could predict N with a mean R2 of 0.74 and R2 of 0.65 on an independent field spectral test data set and on the actual WV-2 image, respectively. The root mean square error of prediction (RMSE %) was 0.17 and 0.22 for the field test data set and the WV-2 image, respectively. Results provide an insight on the magnitude of errors that are expected when up-scaling field spectral models to airborne or satellite image data. The prediction also indicates the unceasing relevance of field spectroscopy studies to better understand the spectral models critical for vegetation quality assessment. Index Terms: Grassland Nitrogen, Field Spectral Data, Spectral Resampling, WorldView-2
This paper had been presented for promotion at the university of Khartoum. To get the full text please contact the other at elfatihabdelrahman@gmail.com
Spectral analysis, Spectroscopy, Image processing, Modeling