Therapeutic and Toxic effects of Tetravermex and Levafas on Sheep and Nubian Goats

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Nadia Mohamed Ahmed Saad., Saad
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The therapeutic and toxic effects of tetravermex on Nubian goats and local sheep and toxicity of levafas to Nubian goats were examined. Among infected goats and sheep with gastrointestinal nematodes, there were no toxic manifestations at the four dose levels of tetravermex (group 1, half the therapeutic dose, 13.5 mg/kg a single dose, group 2, single oral dose of the therapeutic dose 27 mg/kg, group 3, 2 doses for two successive days of half the therapeutic dose and group 4, 2 doses for two successive days of the therapeutic dose). Among the Nubian goats, the clinical toxicity was very clear in group 3 and group 4 receiving 108 mg/kg body weight of tetravermex and 216 mg/kg body weight of the drug, respectively. The main signs of toxicity of tetravermex were attacks of diarrhoea, bloated rumen, grunting, abnormal posture and recumbence. Lesions consisted of widespread congestion and haemorrhage in the liver and kidneys, enteritis, centrilobular hepatocellular fatty change and for necrosis and degeneration of the renal proximal convoluted tubules. These findings were well correlated with changes in the activities of serum ALP and GDH which increased in group 4 while total protein and albumin decreased indicating liver and kidney damage. Tetravermex toxicity caused nervous signs, locomotor disturbances and hepatonephropathy. These effects were more severe in goats receiving higher doses of tetravermex. In toxicological study in Nubian goats given different doses of levafas, group 1, served as control, group 2 was given therapeutic dose 0.5 ml/kg, group 3 was given 2 ml/kg (4 times the therapeutic dose) and group 4 was given 4 ml/kg (8 times the therapeutic dose). The toxicity signs of levafas were the same as in the tetravermex and were more severe at higher doses.
Therapeutic and Toxic effects of Tetravermex and Levafas on Sheep and Nubian Goats