Gedaref Structrue Plan 1981 – 1997 Volume 1: Main Report.

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Abd El Wahab, Zein El Abdeen
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A study of the town was carried out on all aspects of physical, socio-economic and land use. Data was collected from both published and unpublished official information through interview, surveys and observations. The collection and analysis of various necessary data were carried out, and proposals were made on various subjects individually, but within the context of the overall study. Thus a structural plan of Gedaref town was produced. Briefly this study proposes the following: 1. A provincial development plan based on national and regional objectives is needed. Guide lines have been set out in this study. 2. Development plans for urban centers and rural areas are to be made within the context of the provincial development. 3. A structural plan for development of Gedaref town, from 1981 to 1997 has been put forward. The major outlines in the plan are: a) Future direction of growth is to take place to the west of the existing town. No growth is to take place across the regional road. b) Various land uses, utility services, public services and infrastructure have been organized as shown in the proposed structure plan. c) Future reliable sources of electricity and water are to be found. Further studies will be required. It is hoped that this study will contribute in guiding the future growth of Gedaref town, and will initiate further studies on the lines set out in this study.
Gedaref Structrue Plan 1981 – 1997 Volume 1: Main Report.