Study of The Magnetic Flux impact on Drinking Water Characteristics

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Mohammed, Elshima
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This study has been carried out to determine the effects of the magnetic technology funnel on drinking water characteristics at Elmogran water plant in December 2005 to December 2006. Fourty water samples were collected from the water net work at AlMogran Water Treatment Plant and tested for different parameters on five duration periods. The first samples was directiy taken from water tap, successive samples were taken after 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes from taking first sample. This is in an effort to test the effect of time on magnetic water treatment. Tested parameters included chemical and physical characteristics. Tested chemical characteristics incorporated: pH, hardness, chloride, copper and total dissolved solids. Whereas, tested pHysical characteristics comprised: conductivity, density and surface tension. From the work carried herein the following results have been arrived to: Time has no effect on water characteristics before and after magnetization with in one hour. Certain characteristics like (pH, total dissolved solids and conductivity) were found to increase slightly as follows: from 7.7 to 7.8 for pH, 123.9 mg/l to 128.9 mg/l for TDS, and conductivity from 0.204 to 0.212. Other parameters such as: ( hardness, chlorides , copper, density and surface tension) appear to decrease in magnetic water by the following percentages: for hardness, chlorides, copper, density, and surface tension respectively. First this study, carried out at water samples drawn from El-Mogran water treatment Plant, showed that drinking water treated by magnetic technology achieved changes in water physical and chemical characteristics. Tests indicated that time have no effect on magnetic treatment results in all tested parameters. It is recommended to continue further investigation, studies and research work to address magnetic technologies as influencing drinking water quality.
Drinking Water,Magnetic Flux impact