Biomass Estimation and Energy Content of Acacia Nilotica in the Blue Nile Sudan

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Mohamed Ahmed, El fadl
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Sunt, Acacia nilotica is one of the most important tree species in the Sudan. Its timber is used for a variety of end-uses. The present study derives volume and biomass functions using regression analysis and the least-square techniques. Volume or weight (total or component) are entered in the equations as dependant variables and the tree size (d. b .h. basal area or height as independent variables. The Trend of biomass distribution in tree components is also investigated. The derivation of the volume and biomass equations are based on detailed measurement made on felled sample trees selected from two representative stands of Acacia nilotica. The sample trees are randomly selected from representative sample plots distributed, over the range of the plantation variability. The volume equations are applied to the estimation of the sample plots volume. The biomass equations are useful tools for the biomass inventory estimating total tree and its components biomass. The assessment of energy content of the stem and branch wood is based on the determination of the moisture content, basic density and calorific value.
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Biomass Estimation, Energy Content , Acacia Nilotica, Blue Nile ,Sudan