Nutritive Evaluation of Some Acacia Tree Leaves

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Kamal, NABAA
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The present work was carried out to represent a review of the chemical composition and nutritive value of browse plants in the Sudan especially in arid and semi arid areas. The a proximate analysis for this sample showed the browse plants studied in most cases constitute an excellent forage content, which had higher nutritive value, particularly protein 8.75-21.0%. The browse plants were found to have high content of macro elements and low content of trace elements. The samples in this studied were found to have low content of anti nutritional factors In term of tannin and high content of lignin. Three fistulated goats were used, the nylon bags containing the browse plants sample Acacia albida , Acacia nubica , Acacia seiberianae , Blanetes aegyptiaca and Ziziphus spinachresti were administered directly throw the fistula to the rumen of goats. The digestion of the dry matter of the browse plants in the rumen of goat was found to be high in one sample and other samples have middle digestion rate and the rest were low. It is possible to conclude that browse plants complement grasses especially in the dry season, as dry season grasses extremely deficient in protein and some menirals which can not alone meet livestock maintenance requirement.
Nutritive Evaluation, Acacia Tree Leaves