Abdominal Masses In Infants & Children

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abdall, Manar Bushra mohamed [untranslated]
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University of Khartoum
A retrospective study of 100 infant and child presenting with abdominal masses during the period 1990-1997, to Khartoum Teaching and Soba University Hospitals was carried out. Of the 100 patients, 56 were found to have benign abdominal diseases although more than 60% were seriously ill, and 44 were found to have malignant tumours. The commonest malignant abdominal disease was found to be abdominal lymphoma occurring with a total incidence of 36%, the Non- Hodgkin variety predominating. The commonest benign abdominal diseases were intussusception and complicated acute appendicitis (by mass and abscess formation), which occurred with an equal incidence of 25% each. A review of the rest of the cases was done. Abdominal x-rays gave positive findings in more than 65% of patients, proving to be very useful; while IVUs were positive in all patients with urinary tract affection. Ultrasound was a sensitive investigation in experienced hands (92.3% sensitivity). More than 50% of the children with malignant masses presented at first diagnosis with stage III and IV disease.
Malignant Abdominal Masses,Nephroblastoma, Ovarian Tumours,Benign Abdominal Masses,Pancreatic Pseudocyst , Bilharzioma, Malignant Abdominal Masses, Benign Abdominal Masses, Ovarian Tumours