Conflict as a Factor in the Emergence of Reversing Language Attitudes: The Case of Speech Communities in Darfur

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Dhahawi S. A. Garri
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University of Khartoum -Graduate College
This paper explores types of language attitude developed towards Arabic and native languages by ethnolinguistic communities, including the internally displaced persons, in the context of conflict in South Darfur State, Sudan. Qualitative data were elicited from focus group discussions, face-to-face interviews and observation. Quantitative data were gathered by a questionnaire. The results show that there is a growing positive attitude towards native languages. Moreover, a growing aversion towards Arabic is also found, in particular among the communities characterised by ethnolinguistic vitality. The findings suggest that the ongoing conflict has had a knock-on effect on the emergence of these types of attitudes.
U of K- Annual Conference of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research-Humanities and Educational Studies February 2013- Khartoum-Sudan: Conference Proceedings Volume One
(Reversing Language);(Darfur)