Assessment of Sudan's Progress Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goal of Improving Maternal Health

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Salah Ahmed, Gamer Edinn
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University of Khartoum
This research aims to study the Sudan capability to achieve one of the Millennium Development Goals; namely improving maternal health to the desired level in 2015. Using available crossectional data sets available for very limited number of occasions which renders the application of the time series analysis for generating some future forecasts inappropriate. Alternative statistical techniques appropriate in this area applied to the available data. It is found that Sudan’s upgrade at improving maternal health during the past years will not lead to the desired level in 2015, where the gap between what is planned and actually achieved is about 470 maternal mortality per 100,000 live births. To fill up this gap Sudan must adopt necessary and different measures to carry out annual growth rate of maternal mortality which estimated by -0.13512 to improve maternal health.
Sudan's Progress,Towards Achieving, Millennium Development Goal, Maternal Health