Rooting of Lantana (Lantana camara L.)Cuttings in Response to Types of Cuttings and Rooting Media

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Elhassan, Nagla Gabreala Mohamed
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University of Khartoum
An experiment was conducted to study the effect of using different types of cutting sand rooting media on rooting of lantana plants. Three types of cuttings, namely, terminal, median and basal cuttings were taken from shoots. Four different rotting media were utilized (pea moss, coarse sand, fine sand and water). The rooting forming ability of cutting was evaluated in terms of number of rooted cuttings, rooting percentages, number of both roots and leaves, root length and survival percentages of the rooted cuttings. The results revealed that there were marked differences in rooting abilities of cuttings from the base to tip; basal cuttings tended to give best values of the recorded parameters, followed by median and then terminal cuttings, regardless of the rooting media used. Performance of cuttings inserted into different rooting media was noted to vary; the highest values of the recorded parameters were associated with peat moss or coarse sand, followed by fine sand and then water. The results, also, demonstrated that insertion of basal cuttings in either peat moss or coarse sand rooting media gave the best values.
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Lantana camara; Rooting Media; Stem, Leaf; Root; vegetative propagation