The Composition and Degradation in the Rumen of Goats of Different Parts of Different Forage Trees in Gezira (Sudan)

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Elimam, M.E.
Babiker, M.A.A.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
A trial was conducted to determine the chemical composition of different parts of some forage trees in the Gezira (Sudan). Artificial fibre bags were used to determine their degradation in the rumen of three Nubian goats. The results showed that there were variations in the composition and degradation characteristics in the rumen of Nubian goats of different parts of some forage trees in the Gezira. The crude protein was highest in the leaves of Acacia mellifera followed by the leaves of Ziziphus abyssinica. and A. mellifera pods. It was the least in Ficus sp. fruits and leaves. The crude fibre was highest in the pods of A. mellifera followed by Ficus sp. leaves and A. albida pods, and was the least in the leaves of Z. abyssinica. The degradation of crude protein was higher than that of dry matter and organic matter. The degradation percentages were higher for the pods of A. albida followed by the leaves of A. melifera and the leaves of Z. abyssinica, and was the least for the leaves of Ficus sp. Higher degradabilities were generally associated with higher degradation rates. The results showed that forage trees have a good nutritive value and should be used before full maturity.
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