Consumers’ Attitude towards E-Banking Services in Islamic Banks: The Case of Sudan

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Mansour, Ilham Hassan F.
Eljelly, Abuzar M. A.
Abdalla, Abdelgadir M. A.
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This paper provided an analysis of the attitude towards three banking services technologies in Sudan, namely ATMs, mobile banking, and internet (online) banking. The paper started by conducting an exploratory factor analysis, on the valid responses received from a random sample of bank customers in the Sudan, towards the three technologies. The study employed the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a conceptual framework to investigate the factors that influence customers‟ acceptance and intention to use bank technologies. The study found that customers attitude toward various bank technologies is not the same, and is influenced by relatively different factors. The results show that bank customers who are users of ATMs are influenced by its convenience, ease of use and service quality, while credibility is not considered as a significant driver. Mobile users are found to be more influenced by benefits and ease of use and service quality while internet customers are influenced by benefits and ease of use and credibility of the systems. Under the three models, attitude emerged as a fully mediating factor for customers behavioral intentions.
Consumers’ Attitude, towards, E-Banking ,Services, Islamic,Banks,Sudan