Workshop on Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry for the Diagnosis of Primary Immunodeficiencies Diseases

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Kirshfink, Michael
Ridha BARBOUCHE, Mohamed
Sack, Ulich
Abass, Wesal
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Primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) are a group of diseases that cause susceptibility to Infections, autoimmunity and malignancy. PIDs consist of more than 130 inherited conditions. They are estimated to occur from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 2,000 live births. The clinical spectrum of PID is highly variable. The incidence of PIDs in Sudan is uncertain because of a lack of a national registry system. However, the high ratio of consanguineous marriages makes PID a relatively frequent condition. Pediatricians or residents of pediatric clinics are faced with patients with different complaints and signs. Simple laboratory tests are helpful in the screening and diagnosis of a large number of PID cases. If initial laboratory tests are inconclusive, in the case of a suspected PID, further sophisticated tests are warranted. Early diagnosis and treatment, before severe complications and tissue damage develop, haveshown to improve both morbidity and mortality. However, lack of awareness about immunodeficiency can cause misdiagnosis and severe complications.
Cytometry , Diagnosis,Primary, Immunodeficiencies, Diseases