The Utilization of Bagasse Block Briquettes as Supplement for Woodfuel

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Akram Mirghani, Saeed
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This thesis is discussing the utilization of the bagasse blocks briquettes as one of the more important supplement for firewood in small industries such as bakeries and brick-kilns. The manufactures of the BBB depend on the sugar industry by-product i.e bagasse and molasses. Rotten bagasse (more than three years old) was mixed with the molasses in different ratios and the mixture was pressed using a manual press. Significant differences were found among the different ratios. The molasses: bagasse ratio of 35:65 by weight was found to be the most appropriate ratio regarding technical and economical consideration. The utilization of the briquettes was successful at three bakeries in Omdurman area, using a firewood: briquettes ratio of 35:65 by weight. The briquettes were used at three brick-kilns in Khartoum North, Elgerif Sharik area. The capacity of each of the kilns was 80000 bricks. Different briquettes: firewood ratios (by heat value) were used in the kilns, namely 80: 20; 65:35 and 50:50. The partial substitution of firewood by up to 20% BBB revealed economical and technical improvement without negative effect on the brick qualities. Since the low pressure technique was adopted in this study, the addition of the binding material was essential. The using of molasses is restricted by export, its high prices and the presence of other competitive uses. Clay and filtercake were tried in ratios 10:90, 20:80, 30:70, 40:60 and 50:50 by weight. Significant differences were found among these three binders and their ratios in the physical properties and heat value of BBB. Filtercake and clay can be considered as acceptable binders for the future due to their prominent performance in heat value; however, filtercake gives better results than clay. Clay as binder in the briquettes produces high ash content which will limit its use to only some industries such as brick-kilns.
Bagasse; Block; Briquettes ;Supplement ;Woodfuel