Effects Of Superplasticizer On Workablitiy, Strength & Cost Of Concrete In Khartoum State

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Khalifa, Nusaiba Mohamed Ahmed Ali
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This research addresses the impact of the use of admixtures in the production of high workable concrete, to facilitate pouring of ready mixed concrete in the fresh state, with relatively high strength and reasonable cost. It is understood that casting of concrete in hot weather leads to some problems and difficulties in the production of concrete such as loss of workability, which leads to problems in handling and compaction, that has a negative impact on the properties of hardened concrete . The additives (Superplasticizers admixtures) that increase the workability of concrete are used to avoid such problems . In this research, it is intended to examine the impact of use of superplasticizers to produce a highly workable concrete (suitable for the production of ready mixed concrete) in the fresh state, with relatively high strength after hardening. The use of additives (Superplasticizer) lowers the water cement ratio and therefore could lead to reduction in the cost of the production of concrete by reducing the amount of cement in the concrete mixture. The cost analysis carried out for production of concrete without admixture, and concrete with admixture (Superplasticizer), while maintaining the same properties of normal concrete in terms of resistance and the operational cost, found that the cost of concrete with admixture can be reduced by about 4 %.
Superplasticizer, Workablitiy, Strength,Cost ,Concrete,Khartoum State