A Study of Forced Oscillations in Ferromagnetic Non-Linear Circuits

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ElTaib ElSaid, ElMubarak
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This thesis is concerned with the analysis of electromagnetic oscillations of a saturated flux ф the exciting coil of which is connected to a capacitance C. The corresponding fundamental frequency ferromagnetic non-linear oscillations (F.N.O) are characterized by severe fluctuations in the current and voltage waveshapes which are irreversible even if the exciting sinusoidal supply is decreased. The phenomenon has prompted many investigations in the past as the deviation from the pure sinusoidal nature of voltage and current in a.c systems has been observed to cause dangerous effects such as breakdown or insulation flashover, conductor blow-out, hunting of electrical machines and interference with adjacent communication networks. Moreover, because of its occurrence only in narrow zones of capacitance and impressed voltages, experimental verification of F.N.O has been generally known to be difficult so that reported phenomenon studies may be categorized as either computational or purely experimental. The work to be presented in this report is centered on a time-domain computational method of voltage and current waveshapes of a single phase system under fundamental frequency F.N.O conditions. As representation of non-linearity is such that Fouier analysis is required for the complete response, the method is suggested as the basis of a procedure for the harmonic content analysis of voltages and currents under other non-sinsoidal conditions
Forced, Oscillations,Ferromagnetic, Non-Linear Circuits