Physico-chemical changes during growth and development of ‘Galia’ cantaloupes. I. Physical changes

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Mustafa El Balla
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university of khartoum
Physical changes during growth and development of fruits of three ‘Galia’ melon cultivars were evaluated. Fruit growth of the three cultivars followed typical simple sigmoid curves. Fresh fruit weight and flesh and rind thickness progressively increased in the three cultivars with advancement in growth up to physiological maturity stage (44 days after anthesis) and then remained constant. The respiration curves of the three cultivars exhibited a typical climacteric pattern, with peak of respiration coinciding with physiological maturity (44 DAA) and then decreased. Rind color progressively increased during growth and development of the three cultivars. Fruit flesh firmness slightly decreased up to the mature-green stage and then sharply declined during the ripening phase (44-48 DAA). ‘Galia’ cantaloupes should be harvested at least at physiological maturity, where the fruit attains maximum size and weight, rind color develops and it is still firm.
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Galia cantaloupe, physical changes, growth and development