Evaluation of the Pre-Contract Activities in Construction Industry in Sudan

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Arman, Tilal Sidgi Osman
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This research aims at investigating the local status regarding Pre-Contract Activities in the Construction Industry in Sudan, and measuring the degree of compliance of this local construction industry practice with regulations and standards of practice implemented in the global construction industry. The first five chapters of the research provide a literature review about Scope Management, Project Selection & Design, Project Billing, Estimation & Costing, and Project Bidding, Tendering & Contracting all of which form pre-contract activities. The remaining two chapters outline Research Methodology & Results, plus the research Comments, Conclusions & Recommendations. Research data has been collected by two questionnaires: (1) a General Questionnaire to measure the opinion of correspondents from the research targeted population, namely the major local clients, consultants and contractors, and (2) Case-Studies Questionnaire to reflect real practice through applying the questionnaire on actual projects to assure a more realistic output relevant to the predictions being tested. Statistical analysis and evaluation was performed using a statistical computer package, namely, SPSS for Windows for the General Questionnaire only. The results gathered from the Case-Studies Questionnaire were just quantified for comparison purposes because their number was few. From research results it was concluded that the local status in pre-contract stages lies between poor and satisfactory levels. Detailed conclusions and recommendations concerning the various activities of the pre-contract stages were also presented.
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Contract Activities,Construction Industry ,Sudan