Sugar Intake And Frequency Of Type2 Diabetes Mellitus among Kenana Sugar Factory Workers

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Mohamed, Fawzi
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BACKGROUND : Type 2 diabetes (T2D) accounts for most cases of diabetes worldwide. The Increase in both prevalence and incidence of the disease have been especially dramatic in societies in economic transition in much of the newly industrialized world and in developing countries. OBJECTIVES: To assess the frequency of type 2 diabetes among a certain population with increased sugar intake. METHODS: We randomly assigned 120 (20% of workers), middleaged factory workers (aged between 30-59, median age = 44). Workers with T2D before joining the work in the company were excluded. Verbal consent had been obtained from all participants with explanation of the objectives of the study. All participants had been examined clinically and investigated for FBG. RESULTS: The median age of participants was 44 years. The incidence of T2D was 15 (12.5%) out of 120 participants. All diabetics in the study had a positive family history of T2D, 73% of them above the age 40, 50% were originally from rural areas, 70% were overweight and exercising less. Only 50% of diabetics had a history of increased sugar intake. CONCLUSIONS: Intake of sugar did not appear to play a detrimental role in the development of T2D. Family history, obesity and sedentary lifestyle were important predictors and played a key role in the development of the disease.
Sugar Intake , Type2 ,Diabetes, Mellitus , Kenana Sugar Factory