Gedaref Structure Plan: Traffic and Transport Net-Work Volume II .

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Abd El Wahab, Zein El Abdeen
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Gedaref town being the commercial center in the province is connected by roads, rail and air with the capital and urban centers of the province. Recently the completion of Port Sudan – Khartoum road put more emphasis on road transportation in both public and private transport. The town is experiencing a number of problems due to congestion within town centre and residential areas created by the main road branching from the regional road to the main market. It lacks parking areas and there is no hierarchy in the road system. The railway bisects the town into two parts thus causing delays and congestion. Pedestrians are not cared of so, there is danger of crossing roads. The Khors within the town hinder links between many residential areas. Most of the bridges are not working. By 1997 the town will grow bigger and many activities will be introduced. So the number of cars entering the town will be greater and the traffic problems will be greater. To solve the future problems the following proposals are to be considered: a) To construct a new feeder road to connect the industrial area with the regional road directly. b) Construction of proper bridges where necessary. c) To construct parking areas in the town center. d) To transfer the bus terminals for intra and inter-regnal public transport to the road service centre near the regional road. e) Re-location of cargo station near the silos leaving the passenger station in its present situation. f) Construction of a ring road to connect residential areas in the town with each other
Gedaref Structure Plan: Traffic and Transport Net-Work Volume II .