To Assess the Knowledge Regarding Tuberculosis (TB) among Fifth Year Medical Students of University of Khartoum From July to October 2008

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Abdolmotaleb, Sameh
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University of Khartoum
Objective: To assess the knowledge of tuberculosis (TB) and DOTS among medical students. (Interns). Design: Cross-sectional study. Place and Duration of Study: Medical College 0f Khartoum university in September and October 2008. Subjects and Methods : A pre-tested semi-structured questionnaire consisting of 14 items was administered to medical studens/interns . The questions covered mode of transmission, symptoms of pulmonary TB, investigations, short course chemotherapy including DOTS as well as conventional anti-tubercular treatment, special situations. Results: A total of 126 interns were surveyed. However, a mere 4.2% study subjects were aware of all modes of transmission. One hundred and eighty-nine (73.8%) correctly chose sputum examination for acid fast bacilli as the single most confirmatory test for diagnosing pulmonary TB. The rest either gave incorrect responses (including ELISA-3.2%, PCR-13.1%, X-ray chest-6.3%, kwen nothing-1.7%) . Only 1.6% marked pyrazinamide and rifampicin as the agents to be avoided in patients with liver disease. Conclusion: TB is a major health problem in East Africa countries. There is a need for appropriate changes to be made in the undergraduate medical teaching/training curriculum in the concerned countries with regard to TB.