Tortious Liability Of Parties To Construction Contracts

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Siddig Mohamed Salih, Mohamed
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This is a comparative study, which sheds light on an important, and yet less explored topic of torts in construction law in the Sudan. Chapter one dealt with the nature of construction industry and construction contracts. The parties to construction contracts were identified and their various roles were explained. The special nature and classification of construction contracts were pointed out together with examples of prominent standard forms. Chapter two discussed the most important torts in construction. The discussion elaborated on judicial precedents and statutory rules, which illustrate the approach to torts from the perspective of construction. Issues related to causation, damages and proof of loss were, also, discussed. Chapter three discussed joint and vicarious liability in addition to employer’s strict liability for injury to employees in construction projects. The discussion, also, covered the important issue of liability of the project owner for acts of independent contractors. Chapter four summed up the findings and recommendations for reform of Sudanese law in the field of tortuous liability of parties to construction contracts.
Tortious Liability , Parties,Construction,Contracts