The Use of Natural Plant Stabilizers Extracts in the Production of Yoghurt

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khalifa, Maha Elsadig Abuzeid
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University of khartoum
The objective of this study was to make use of two natural plant stabilizers namely mucilage and inulin extracted from Psyllium seeds “Plantago ovata” and Chicory roots “Cichorium intybus” in yoghurt manufacture. Inulin was used at levels of 4% and 6% and mucilage at the level of 0.2% to manufacture yoghurt from skim milk powder. Immediately after processing, yoghurt was kept refrigerated at 5±1 ºC for up to 10 days. Parameters measured include: pH value, titratable acidity, wheying off, ash, protein, lactose, total carbohydrate, total solid, acetaldehyde and diacetyl. Addition of inulin at 4%, 6% and mucilage at 0.2% resulted in 30%, 58% and 50% reduction in the wheying-off of yoghurt, respectively compared to control. Different treatments did not show any effect on the ash content of yoghurt (p=619;0.05). None of the stabilizers used in the study had any effect on the lactose content of yoghurt. However, a decrease in lactose content was observed with the increase in the storage period. There was a substantial decrease in lactose content from 2% to 0.78% on the 10th day of storage. The protein content of yoghurt treated with inulin 6%, mucilage 0.2% and control were significantly different (pX04;0.05) and gave value of 4.56%, 4.37% and 4.19% respectively. Based on the findings of this study, mucilage and inulin are potential stabilizers to be used in yoghurt processing.
Fruits; Natural Plant;Botany; Ash; Nitrogen; Solid