Assessment of Gum Arabic Marketing System in Main Auction Markets of North Kordofan State-Sudan

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Mohammed Osman Hassan Ibrahim
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University of khartoum
This study was carried out in Elobied, Elnuhoud and Umrawaba auction markets during the production season of (2007/2008), to assess the performance of gum Arabic marketing systems. The study depended mainly on primary data that collected by means of a structured questionnaire and direct interviewing with gum Arabic traders. Non- probability sampling technique was used to select forty respondents as a sample size. Secondary data were also collected from related sources. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistical method for the socioeconomic characteristics of the traders. Simple, multiple regression and correlation analyses were also used to estimate the relationships among different variables. The study revealed that: a- The majority of the respondent traders of gum Arabic preferred liberalization to concession when asked about opinion on suitable gum Arabic marketing system in North Kordofan State. b- The Gum Arabic Company had not fulfilled its marketing obligations in the production season of (2007/2008). c-The presence of processing companies with financial ability had offered higher buying prices than the announced floor prices and paid in cash. The Study recommended: 1- To allow for full liberalization of gum Arabic commodity marketing. 2 – The processing of gum Arabic companies should reform their technical capacity to increase their exports. 3- Establishment of a Commodity Council for Gum Arabic commodity as an independent body to co-ordinate and promote its marketing.
A thesis submitted in Partial fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Agricultural Economics
University of khartoum Gum Arabic Gum Arabic Production Gum Arabic Marketing North Kordofan State Agricultural Economics
University of khartoum
Mohammed Osman Hassan Ibrahim, Assessment of Gum Arabic Marketing System in Main Auction Markets of North Kordofan State-Sudan. – Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2008. - 104 P. : illus., 24 cm., MS.C.