Resource Management In Thitd Generation Cellular Mobile Radio Systems

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Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access (WCDAM) has emerged as the mainstream air interface solution for the third generation mobile network. Third generation mobile networks offer greater capacity, higher data rate and wide mix of communications services compared to the existing second system. As there will be increasing demand for mobile services, more efficient Radio Resource Management (RRM) technique will be to optimize the spectrum utilization and satisfy user demand in high traffic load areas and non uniform traffic conditions. In thesis, the performance of WCDMA radio resource management algorithms for third generation mobile systems is studied. Certain technique of RMM are selected to study their effect on the improving capacity , coverage area and quality of services requirements of a simulated mobile network, taking into account service and traffic variations. The simulation results show radio resource management algorithms for third generation mobile systems are necessary to find solutions for enhanced multimedia services offers. Moreover the obtained results verified that these algorithms have a great potential to improve system capacity, maintain coverage area and guarantee quality of service.