Neurological Manifestations of Dural Sinus Thrombosis

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Hussein, Abbashar
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University of Khartoum
Background:Dural sinus thrombosis is a clinical syndrome that has a diversity of signs and symptoms that can be easily misinterpreted with other common neurological diseases such as brain infections. Objective: to study the clinical presentation of dural sinus thrombosis among Sudanese patients seen at Elshaab Teaching Hospital. Methodology: This is a prospective, descriptive, cross sectional, hospital based study conducted in Elshaab Teaching Hospital- Khartoum Sudan, in the period from November 2008 to July 2010. All adult Sudanese patients with dural sinus thrombosis who were admitted to the hospital and accepted to participate in the study during the period from November 2008-July2010 (50 patients) were enrolled. History, clinical examination and relevant investigations including MRI were done for all patients. Data were collected, analyzed, conclusions drawn and recommendations stated. Results: Females (98%) in child bearing age were mostly affected. Delivery and pregnancy were the common risk factors; head ache, neck pain and stiffness were the frequent neurological symptoms. Papilledema was the commonest neurological finding. Saggital sinus thrombosis was found to be the major radiological finding and great majority of patients showed remarkable improvement with treatment. Conclusion: Dural sinus thrombosis is uncommon neurological problem, however the diagnosis should always be considered in the right clinical setting, as it is a treatable condition
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dura mater,subarachnoid, cerebrospinal fluid.