Environmental Degradation and Tradational Producers' Coping Mechanisms in Western Kordofan Eldodiya- Ummseimaima Area

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This research investigated environmental degradation and traditional producers' adaptation mechanisms in Al Dodiya and Umm Seimema areas. The main objective of this research is to study the indicators of environmental degradation, its causes and impacts along with the traditional producers' adaptation mechanisms. To achieve such objectives the data was collected from secondary sources, field observations, satellite images, and questionnaire interviews where four hundred and twenty (420) households, from thirteen sample sites were selected randomly. The Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), and ERDAS-Emagine were used for data analysis. The study showed that the main indicators of environmental change are change of vegetation cover, fluctuation of rainfall, and disappearance of water surface water ponds, loss of soil fertility and crop failure. The study showed also that the total area of vegetation cover with all its types was reduced from 5.426 km in 1972 to 5.161 km2 in 2000. The study showed that charcoal making, woodcutting, traditional system of land management, customary law of land use, misallocation of water points and some traditional producers coping mechanisms are the main causes of environmental degradation in the study area. The study pointed out that the adaptation mechanisms of indigenous inhabitants to use of natural resources are not due to lack of awareness or ignorance, it is rather an outcome of lack of alternative resources, and marginalization of this remote community. The study recommended that the use of seasonal climate forecasts to inform farmers, herders and other users would be necessary to avoid surprises. Land management system in the study area must not be completely left under the local authorities "Al Sheikh". Agro forestry activities and other substitute sources must be developed for fodder and water scarcity.
Environmental ,Degradation, Tradational, Producers' Coping, Mechanisms,Western Kordofan ,Eldodiya- Ummseimaima Area