L’enfant soldat à travers Johnny Chien Méchant et Allah n’est pas obligé

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Mussa Mussaad, Amani
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The research handled the topic of the combatant child in the modern African literature. Two novels were issued in the last few years. The first is by a novelist from the Ivory Coast; with the title, “God is not compelled". The second is by a novelist from the Congo (Brazzaville), with the title; “Johnny, the Cur”. The topic of the child who participates in the racial cleansing which had spread in Africa and the world is a new event. Yet, the last few years, it started to impose itself on the atmosphere, as the phenomenon had spread to the extents, which warrant great dangers. Ahmed Kourouma writes the novel “God is not compelled”. It tells about the story of a child “Ibrahima”, who was a vagrant. His father died when he was younger. His handicapped mother died a little bit later. So, he went out, together with his friend “Yacouba”, to search for his aunt, who was the only remaining member of his family. At that time, war broke out in Liberia. During his search period, he became a combat soldier with some mutineer groups. He then started to recount to us his days in this war, where there is only poverty, misery and rape. The novel, “Johnny, the Cur”, tells about the story of Johnny, the adolescent who grew-up without knowing no his origin or family. Therefore, when war broke out, he found cherished wish: money, fame, power and influence, through committing many atrocities; such as murder, robbery and rape of his own fellow citizens of the other tribes.