Agricultural Research For The Semi - ARID lands Of Kordofan Region

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Dafalla, Dafalla Ahmed
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This paper has assessed the status of environmental education in Sudan and in the context of the efforts undertaken to combat desertification. The author thinks that for these efforts to achieve their objectives, they sould be based on a programme to raise the awareness of the public professionals and decision makers on the environment and its problems. To implement such a programme, it is necessary to introduce environmental education into schools and at the non-formal level where the mass-media play a leading role. Youth organizations and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) must be mobilized to be more concerned about active participation of the local inhabitants in the environmental management, through involvement in local projects and in projects designed to combat desertification is very important.
Environmental Degradation, Sudano-Sahelian drought, Western Sudan Agricultural Research Programme (WSARP), Drought