Manufacture of Mudaffara Cheese. II. From Standardised Buffaloes Milk Fortified with Different Levels of Skim Milk Powder

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Ahmed, T. K.
Mahgoub, S. A.
El Shibiny, S.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Mudaffara cheese was made from standardised buffaloes' milk and buffaloes' milk fortified with 2.5% and 5% skim milk powder. A standard procedure for the production of Mudaffara cheese has been outlined. On addition of skim milk powder, the total solids of milk increased and consequently yield of cheese produced also increased. The chemical analysis of the product of the three milk samples showed significant differences in very few parameters, namely tyrosine and tryptophan contents of cheese. Organoleptic evaluation revealed no differences in all quality parameters tested for the three cheese samples (P<0.05). Skim milk powder could be added to buffaloes' milk at a rate of up to 5%, so as to increase yield, without affecting the chemical composition of the cheese or its sensory qualities.
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buffaloes, skim milk powder, sensory qualities, yield