Productive, Reproductive and Nutritional Factors Leading to Culling of Cows in Three Dairy Farms in Khartoum North

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Siham Abd Alla, Rahmat Alla
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The present study was undertaken to investigate the main reasons leading to culling of dairy cows in three dairy farms in Khartoum State. Data on 363 culled dairy cows collected from Belgravia, Judiciary and the University of Khartoum farms for the period 1995 to 2001 were collected. The results indicated that 62.81% of the studied cases were culled due to a variety of reasons and death accounted for the remaining 37.19%. The main causes of culling were problems related to production, reproduction, mastitis and udder problems, nutritional factors, senility, diseases, accidental injuries and other factors including lameness, blindness and selling. The percentage contribution of these factors on culling rates were 9.64%, 14.05%, 11.02%, 18.46%, 10.19%, 29.48%, 5.51% and 1.65%, respectively. This indicates that health, nutritional, reproductive and mastitis problems were the leading factors in dairy herd culling policies. Culling due to old age (senility) accounted for 10.19% while production problems contributed 9.64% of the reasons for culling cows. The study also investigated some productive and reproductive traits of the culled cows and their correlation with the age at culling. There was a high correlation between reproductive performance and culling age but the correlation was higher between production traits and age at culling. The magnitude of the impact of individual causes of culling varied among the three studied herds.
Productive, Reproductive,Nutritional Factors Leading,Culling,Cows,Dairy Farms,Khartoum North