Tissue and Organ Culture of Some Sudanese Medicinal Plants

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Shaza Suliman Ahmed, Mohammed
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Calotropis procera and Solenostemma argel are common medicinal plants in the Sudan. Tissue cultures of C.procera and S. argel were initiated on Murashige and Skoog media supplemented with auxins (IBA. NAA and 2,4-D) and cytokinins (BAP and Kinetin). Explants from cotyledonary leaves and hypocotyl tissues were used. Calotropis procera showed a high potentiality for initiation of callus cultures on MS media when supplemented with 10mg/l combined with 12.5 mg/l BAP and developed a large number of roots. No shoot primordia were observed, while in MS media supplemented with 2 mg/l 2,4-D and 0.5 mg/l kinetin the explant started to poliferate very rapidly after one week only, but in MS media supplemented with 10mg/l NAA and 12.5mg/l BAP callus initiation was very slow and the growth of the callus was weak. Solenostemma argel showed a slower rate of callus formation when compared with that of the explants from Calotropis procera .When MS media were supplemented with 10mg/l IBA and 12.5mg/l BAP a lower rate of callus initiation was observed. On MS media supplemented with 2mg/l 2,4-D and 0.5 mg/l kinetin, the explants initiated callus very rapidly ,while on MS media supplemented with10mg/l NAA and 12.5mg/l BAP resulted in the least effect concerning callus initiation and growth. The callus tissues were subjected to anatomical studies to study the degree of differentiation and organogenesis, highly organized root- like structures and extensively lignified tracheids were observed