The Constitutional Position Of The Attorneygeneral In The Sudan

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Gabriel Mamur, Thomas
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University of Khartoum
The post of Attorney-General in the Sudan, compared with that in other countries, is a recent development; and vital as it is it has not attracted attention of researchers. The thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter One deals with historical background of the post and therefore it examines possible existence of Attorney-General in the legal systems of former political set-ups which emerged in the Sudan in different periods of time. Chapter Two is about the constitutional and legal position of the Attorney-General, his powers and functions in the laws of the Sudan. Chapter Three focuses on the experiences of other legal systems namely the legal system of the United Kingdom, the United States of America and India. No doubt each legal system has its own peculiarities in relation to the post of Attorney-General and his assistants, as Attorney- General cannot alone discharge those tremendous legal functions assigned to him. Given those functions the Sudanese legal system can easily mend its loopholes as far as Attorney-General is concerned. Chapter Four sums up the conclusions arrived at in different chapters. Although the Sudanese experience carries the same deficiencies and loopholes, in general, it is in harmony with the basic idea behind the creation of the post in those countries.
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Constitutional ,Position,Attorneygeneral,Sudan;period of the Funj Sultanate;Criminal Procedure Act, 1991;English legal system;Constitutional and legal position;Functions of the Attorney-General