Effect of Phosphorus and NitrogenFertilizers on Faba Bean and Maize Performance AndMycorrhizal Association

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Haroun, Selma Abdallah Mohammed
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A set of field experiments were conducted to study the effect of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers on faba bean and maize performance. In addition, to the effect of both fertilizers on mycorrhiza infection, the influence of irrigation and ploughing treatments on spore number were assessed in fallow land soil. The identification and classification of fungi were also evaluated. Parameters studied include growth (plant height, number of leaves per plant, number of branches per plant, plant fresh and dry weights) and reproductive attributes (number of pods, pods fresh weight, pods dry weight, number of cobs, cobs length and cobs diameter) in both crops. In addition, mycorrhiza infection, spore characterization and fungus classification were also investigated. The results showed that phosphorus and nitrogen application improved the performance of both crops. Mycorrhizal infection was reduced by the addition of phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers. Number of spores and mycorrhizal infection was also affected by plant species and management practices. Under all treatments, the identified fungi belong to the genus Glomus suggesting that VAM species can be considered as universal biofertilizer due to it’s broad host range.
Faba Bean
University of khartoum