Isolation And Characterization Of Pectic Substances From Pumpkin (cucurbita Spp) Peels

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Yahyia Ibrahuim Abdella, Abdel majed
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Fully riped pumpkin (Cucurbita spp.) samples from two different areas namely: Wadramli (yellow-orange) and Shendi (White) were studied to assess their peel pectic substances. The two type pumpkins peel were analysed for their general chemical composition. Alcohol insoluble solids were extracted and analysed for pH, acidity, sugars, ascorbic acid and some minerals namely (Ca, Mg). Also included the physical properties and chemical composition of pumpkin (pulp and peels) were carried out. The study included the isolation and characterization of pumpkin peels pectic substances. Which were assayed and characterized for their moisture, ash, acetyl content, methoxyl content, equivalent weight and degree of esterification. The results obtained, indicated that yellow-orange pumpkin peels contain relatively higher percentage of pectin compared to white pumpkin peels. Total pectin was found to be 0.253% for yellow-orange and 0.233% for white sample. The acetyle content was 0.018% and 0.015% respectively. The methoxyl content was found to be 6.63% for yellow-orange pumpkin peels and 6.32% for white. The equivalent weight was estimated to be 940.3 for yellow-orange and 854 for white pumpkin peels. The degree of esterification was found to be 66.43% for yellow-orange and 65.69% for white sample. The results, obtained in this study, indicated that both quantity and quality of pectin obtained from pumpkin peels (yellow-orange and white) are promising for the commercial production of pectin.