Assessment Of Water Supply & Sanitation For Internally Dicplaced Persons

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Abdel Rahman, Hassan Ahmed Sulieman
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University of Khartoum
This research addresses the problem of health conditions of IDPs in Kosti area through drinking water and environmental sanitation status using social data collected through a questionnaire and physical observations of IDPs behaviors in the targeted area. The health data collected through the targeted area health centers reports, and analysis presented that most of the IDPs diseases are Malaria and Diarrheal diseases i.e. water & sanitation related diseases (٦٢٫٣٪ is WRD). Water sources in the targeted area were monitored through ground water monitoring data from the previous water bore holes that dug in or near to the targeted area and tested in a laboratory. The water is found unfit for human consumption according to Sudanese standards (١٩٩٣). Sanitation status in the area is not critical due to availability of pit latrines constructed by ADRA and its partners during this year (٢٠٠٣), but the quality of pit latrines should be improved to cope the soil characteristics of the targeted area. The study concluded that a sustainable solutions can be set for water to be treated in township facilities and boostered to the targeted area & distributed through stand posts.VIP latrines should be improved due to soil characteristics of the area by increasing lining of the bricks. The pit to be deep enough to prolong the latrine life time. Hygiene awareness is very essential to be established in these locations in order to devolop sustainable healthy environmental conditions.
Assessment, Water,Supply,Sanitation,Internally,Dicplaced;Ventilated Improved Pit latrine;Pathogens Causes Water;Classification Ground Water;Water Related Diseases Monitoring;Surface Water Monitoring