Study of the Stand by Engine Lubrication System at Dr. Sharief Power Station During Rundown

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Osman, Elrasheed Elrayah Nour Eldein
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The objective of this investigation is to find a solution to the critical problems such as the increase in friction and wear that may occur to the stand-by diesel engine for phase I units at Dr. Sharief Power Station due to engine rundown with low pressurized lubricating oil caused by the non operation of the pre-priming pump and low speed of engine mechanical oil pump. The study suggests a solution to these problems by allowing the cutting-in of pre-priming pump during engine rundown. Although the manufacturer assured the operation of the pre-priming pump during engine rundown, but it was verified that this pump failed to operate automatically or manually during the engine rundown when it was tested periodically. The relevant data for the pre-priming pump has been collected from the operating and maintenance instruction manuals for the stand-by diesel engine for phase I units at Dr. Sharief Power Station. The collected data on the existing pre-priming pump was analyzed in conformity with the manufacturer's recommendations and it was found that this pump was not following the normal operating procedure for heavy duty and high speed diesel engines. The study found that the solution for this problem is to modify the electrical stop circuit of the engine to provide the ability of automatic operation of the prepriming pump during the engine rundown. SIEMENS PLC software has been used to draw, modify and simulate the engine stop circuit and was applied properly
Study,Stand,Engine,Lubrication,System,Dr. Sharief Power Station,Rundown