Implementation Of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition ( SCADA ) Functions For The Sudan National Grid

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Hassan Ibrahim, Hisham
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The introduction of monitoring and control systems into the infrastructure of the power network at Sudan National Grid will change outdated manual and analogue collection and recording methods of electrical quantities to an automated digital system, leading to better supervision of the network, improving services level, helping in preparing and analyzing future developments, better management of electrical recourses, … etc. The objective of the experimental work described in this dissertation is to study the viability of applying automated computerized methods to one of the distributed electrical network substations. The effect of computerized monitoring systems was applied and studied at Wad El Basher substation. The experimental work focused on performing an effective data acquisition system and data communication link between field instrument and the central station. This work shows that within certain design conditions, monitoring of electrical quantities could be performed and simple real monitoring system provides better monitoring and data analysis method compared to traditional methods. The experimental work carried out through this study conform to the SCADA state of the art as described in various literature sources covering the basic requirements of such a system. Results generated show real time data update at the central station for a typical time interval. The results indicate the viability of applying SCADA techniques for monitoring and control purposes in the National Grid Network.