Effect of Mastitis on Trace Elements of Milk and Blood Serum in Friesian Dairy Cows

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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Milk and blood serum from forty five Friesian cows (15 healthy, 15 with subclinical mastitis and 15 with clinical mastitis) were used during the present study. Levels of micro minerals (Fe, Cu and Fe) were determined. The level of copper, iron and zinc in milk and blood serum of mastitis-infected cows (clinical and subclinical) and healthy cows were evaluated. When comparing healthy cows milk to those with subclinical mastitis, there was a significant decrease (p<0.05) in copper. Comparison between healthy and clinically infected cow's milk samples revealed a significant increase (p<0.01) in zinc. Comparison of clinical and subclinical mastitis revealed a significant increase of copper (p<0.05). Blood serum samples from subclinically and clinically mastitis-infected cows showed a significant decrease (p<0.05) for zinc only.
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Trace element, mastitic milk, blood serum, Friesian dairy cows, Sudan