Stem Cells in Dental Tissues and Their Regenerative Potential

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Awad Elkarim, Ikhlas
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Stem cells provide an attractive novel therapeutic approach for repair and replacement of pathologically damaged tissues. Adult stem cells are becoming largely recognised as potential source of stem cells for future therapy given the controversy around embryonic stem cells. Dental tissues are readily available source of adult stem cells following teeth extraction. Within teeth Stem cells reside in the dental pulp, the periodontal ligament and the apical papilla. These cells are multipotent stem cells of mesenchymal origin that can be successfully differentiated into various specialised cells. Using explants culture and magentic beads separation methods we isolated stem cells form dental pulp and periodontal ligament. We developed a protocol for in-vitro differentiation of dental pulp stem cells into functional neurons and odontobalsts. The osteogenic potential of periodontal ligament stem cells is also explored in addition to the effect of inflammation on renewal and regenerative capacity of these cells. We are particularly interested in the factors that determine fate and terminal differentiation of stem cells to help develop mechanisms for directed differentiation of stem cells for future tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
Stem, cells ,Dental, Tissues, Regenerative, Potential