Memorandum on the Conflict between Awlad Hameed and Salim,

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Babiker, Mohamed Abdelslam
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By the Central Criminal Investigation Office
• This document is a record of bloody conflict occurred between the tribes of Awlad Saleem and Hamid on 18/11/1979 in the borders of South Kordofan province, White Nile province and Upper Nile. The conflict resulted in the death of many individuals as well as loss of property. The report indicates that the main reasons behind the conflict are pastures and water sources. Also, due to lack of efficient conflict resolution mechanisms to address the root causes of the conflict, members of both tribes frequently resorting to revenge. A conciliation conference was held on 2nd of February 1981 which was facilitated by the Agaweed from both tribes in addition to religious leaders and representatives from some Ministries of Animal Resources, Pastures and some members form the National Parliament. The parties agreed to pay diya (blood money) as compensation to the aggrieved persons and families. Interestingly, it was agreed that the Police will hold criminal investigation and keep the case files until diya is paid. In order to stay the criminal proceedings then the case files will be sent to the Prosecutor's Office in order to be transferred to the Attorney General to stop criminal Proceedings under Article 231/A of the Criminal Procedures Act. After the Attorney General stops the criminal proceedings the accused or detained person or persons may then be released. One of the recommendations of the conciliation conference is to speed up the payment of diya so as to avoid the resumption of the conflict
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