Impact of Foreign Aid on Sustainability of Rural Development in DarfurStudy of Jebel Marra Rural Development Project and Western Savannah Development Project

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Aazza Mohammed Ahmed, Hassan
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The study pointes out the role of foreign aid in rural development projects' finance; in order to achieve sustainable development which aims to satisfy basic human needs without prejudice to the rights of the coming generations, and highlights on the areas of low development and importance of financial flow for this process. The study intends to test the impact of foreign aid on sustainability of Jebel Marrah Rural Development Western Savannah Development Projects. More over, the research aimed to provide a comparative analysis of the technical capabilities required for managing rural development projects. The study assumes the positive impact of foreign aid on the two projects\\\\\\\' different activities and inability of the local resources to bear such responsibilities and consequently the importance of foreign aid in sustainable rural development. The study tries to develop low cost techniques, maximize the use of local resources and integrate the different governmental authorities with the local institutions in order to achieve sustainable development in Darfur. In addition, it aims at provide comparative assessment of the impact of the foreign finance on the sustainability of Jebel Marrah Rural Development and Western Savannah Development Projects. The study has found that, in spite of the comprehensive pre- study well designing of the development programmes and considerable flow of foreign aid, the two projects incurred considerable failure to achieve their planned goals and consequently sustainable development. The research mainly depended on primary data that had been collected by means of two structured questionnaires (analyzed by SPSS) and unstructured interviewing of local leaders and governmental officers of the two projects. In addition, secondary data had been utilized depending on (SPSS) regression analysis, to trace the influence of the annual foreign finance performance on the annual achievements of the two projects. The result shows that, in spite of the failures that accompanied the foreign aid performance I the two projects, foreign aid is a pre-requisite to achieve sustainable development especially for water supply and woman training centers. The study recommends the effective engagement of the target groups and the local institutions in the decision making, due consideration of local attitudes and local food culture, gradual withdraw of foreign aid to reach sustainable development on self reliance basis
Foreign Aid , Sustainability , Rural Development,Darfur,Jebel Marra ,Rural, Development Project, Western Savannah, Development Project